Inspired by my cousins wife, I decided that my old school headmaster of 44 years ago who told me I was not good enough at english to take GCE o level was wrong!  It is for you to make your own mind up on that one!  A genuine Essex boy, I now live in the fenland area of Cambridgeshire, but could not find a nearby writing circle. 

Mike Lodge.  (above) 

The chateau in the background is at Vertuil in Poitou-Charente, France  



 James Beresford   3/3/2012

As far as the art of writing is concerned, it wasn’t until I was in my late forties that I began to use my imagination and deal with the subject of survival: an aspect of life that has always appealed to me, and perhaps stemming from my Scouting days, and in later years, having written six novels in all, which deal with the aftermath of a major pandemic, it has been necessary to edit much of my work, including the all-important use of idioms and advancement of technology.

I have lost count of the number of small pieces of writing I have produced over the years, but my poetry and prose probably reflects my changing moods and ideals over the past two decades, two of which have been published and won the Poetry Society’s Gold Award – my only claim to fame.

I have also written two quite lengthy children’s fantasy novels, based upon the world of Faerie and inspired by the book Faeries by Brian Froud and Alan Lee.

Being retired I now spend most of my time sitting at my computer writing about more or less anything that comes into my head, but concentrating mainly on much of the work that has been collecting dust over the past twenty years or so.

I was a schoolmaster at a Prep School for fifteen years, teaching English, and having left that post and becoming self-employed as an Interior Designer, I was able to devote more time to the Arts in general, including a considerable amount of painting, drawing and sketching, and exploring much of our wonderful countryside in order to gain more inspiration.

I have travelled to a great many places abroad, enjoying the culture and geographic splendour of places such as Morocco , Romania , France and sundry other countries.

I have a luxury touring caravan, which combined with my boat, allows me a few weeks of leisure in Cumbria each year, enjoying the lakes, mountains, hills and valleys, and gaining wonderful insight into the world of Wainwright and his idyllic pursuit of all things rural and Arcadian, for being an aesthete myself, it has great appeal.

I have a great many other interests, and far too many to list here, but please feel free to ask me anything, and I will enlighten you accordingly.



Margaret Gumley

   Lives in Kiama New South Wales, local journalist for about eight years, now ‘retired’.

   Self-published two books, edited and helped to publish books for four other local authors, did the ghost-writing (no pun intended) of a book of short psychic tales which is shortly to be published.          

    Enjoys editing manuscripts, which she’s done freelance since obtaining two diplomas, as a mature-aged student,  in editing, proofreading and book publishing.


 Richard Gibbons

Aged 60
I graduated in English in the 1970s and spent 25 years as a teacher/school manager in tough comprehensives. Then for 11 years up to last August I was a schools’ troubleshooter for Cambridgeshire County Council. I’ve lived in the fens since 2000, and love the silence of the early mornings and the clear starry skies.
I’ve been writing all my life: two novels, both unpublished, many short stories and a lot of poetry. I recently self-published several versions of a book on the Cold War, which was the result of many interviews with Cold Warriors across the world.
I am now a media consultant, designing and producing video displays, programmes and DVDs for museums, schools, clubs and other organisations. I also give regular multimedia talks on World War II and the Cold War.
Do have a look at my website:
Look forward to meeting some of you.

  Miss Rachel Godfrey       no photo as yet


  I grew up by the sea and spent most of my twenties working onboard the cruise ships travelling the seven seas.  I am now in the process of training to be a psychologist but still regularly enjoy being by the sea.  I love writing stories that blend these two passions; the sea and people.  I suppose at a deeper level I feel that water and human psychology are two fundamental aspects of survival.
  I live in the West Country. 

   I welcome any feedback (and I'm very thick skinned!).
  I think your website offers a wonderful service; thank you for setting it up.


Chris Darlington 


I was just telling your readers about myself and my writing like a potted biography so people will know a little about me on your website.

I have written four books and three plays mostly local history and autobiographical.

My books are now out as kindle books on Amazon, to raise funds to build my new website called memories of Runcorn. com

One thing about me may surprise some people , I have suffered agoraphobia for twenty one years, its pretty hard to work round and do your research and to write at all, so what I have achieved without funding or much of an education and with my illness takes a lot of doing

I hope to turn the poem in to a short film next year funds permitting. 

Over the years, Chris has helped lots of local people to record their memories and bring them to life in books, sometimes local plays and a C D A little Piece of Leather'. Subjects Chris has tackled over the past eight years have ranged from local sporting and industrial history, to true stories of our local evacuees and their war memories.
Chris has found over the years that the memories of local people are equally of interest and importance as those of the famous people of our locality. He hopes to build up  a community website to help preserve local people's memories for future generations.

all the best and thanks for your help Chris Darlington


Jake Darke        No photo as yet,  september 2011

I am Jake Darke, resident of the Fens for the last 3 years.  I enjoy reading and writing, and my ambition would be to earn a respectable living as novelist, seeking inspiration from the flat lands and stunning evening skies of the Fens.
I enjoy popular fiction including the tales of Stephen King (maybe that's evident from the subject of my first short story), Terry Pratchet's Discworld series, the comic genius of Spike Milligan (Duck Crime on this website made me smile, thanks Bill), Patrick Robinson, Frederick Forsyth and Jeffrey Deaver.  I also enjoy the odd autobiography and non fiction work.
I have never written for an audience before, (thanks for the oppotunity and inspiration Mike) so please be gentle and excuse the naivety of my work and the punctuation!



  Cindy Rowe    September 2011


I was born and brought up in South Africa, and I have only been in the UK for a year.  I only tried my hand at creative writing after my divorce a few years ago. I found that I was really good at it, in spite of my bad spelling. A few of my poems have won awards and some have been published. I have written a few children's stories. 

  My writing become a way of expressing emotion, and I found it very healing. This lead to me writing my own course, and running it, on Reflective Writing. Within a year I had given many very successful courses, formed amazing friendships and ended up with a self published book.
  I hope to share my writing, learn how to publish my work, make some much needed extra money from my talent, but ultimately make some new friends.


Bill Conroy   august 2011


Hi Mike
Congratulations on a great idea - well done!

My name is Bill Conroy. I am a retired New Zealander, currently living in Ely.
I am an amateur aspiring writer with an interest in historical non-fiction, and human interest stuff. I also sometimes write (mainly for my own amusement) material that I call whimsy. This is probably due to my devotion to, and admiration of, the late and lamented Spike Milligan. I have had two non-fiction articles published in recent times. The first was a brief historic aviation item in Scottish Memories magazine, the second a somewhat longer human interest piece in the Staffordshire Life magazine. I also dabble in what I call poetry, but others described as Doggerel.




 ***** John Silkstone *****    august 2011

My name is John A Silkstone, I was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1939 and joined the army when I was 17 and retired 25 years later in 1981.

I started my military service in the Royal Artillery and transferred to the Royal Army Medical Corps in Jan 1962. While in the forces I married a Lincolnshire girl who was in the QARANC and together with our three daughters we settled in the town of Gainsborough .

I have always wanted to write and in the year 2000 I attended a Creative Writing Course. To date I’ve had over 70 poems published in various magazines and my book “YOU TWO! FALL IN – IN THREE RANKS!” ISBN 9781847538383  can be purchased from The book is about some of the funny incidents that happened while I was serving in the British Army. There were bad times and good times. I’m glad to say that the good outweighed the bad. The good times stay with you and, thankfully, the bad fade into antiquity.

I met many brave and outstanding people in my time; they performed their duty for Queen and Country in true military fashion. The surprising thing was that these outstanding men were the bane of the depot drill sergeant’s life. They had two left feet, couldn’t swing their arms and, once dressed in uniform; they resembled a sack of potatoes tied around the middle with string. One soon learnt that the old saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ couldn’t be more apt.

In the telling, many details are left out or taken for granted. The tales themselves are honed on the storytellers stone to suit the audience. Items or events are deleted or added to enhance the tale in its best light. In reality, after many recitations by others and me, the truth is often a million miles away from the actual facts.

I've also co authored four Sci Fi novels with a friend and we are now working on our fifth book and still looking for a publisher.

To date I’m doing a creative writing foundation course through Hull University , so one is never too old to stop learning.  



*****Serena Micallef*****

 Hello My name is Serena I was born and live in Fenland.
I enjoy reading many books , and one of my favorite books is called The Winter Ghosts By Kate Mosse I also like writing poetry and amusing rhymes and get ideas come to me at many different times and places, I would also like to write a childrens book but I'm not finding this so easy I have an idea for the book already but I just need to put it together.
I also write a Fashion/Beauty blog which I really enjoy doing.
It was great to find The Fenlands Writer site to share my work on and to see so many other talented writers work. 



*****Marc James*****

I think it's a great idea that you came up with the idea to start this group. I consider myself an amatuer writer and am always open to have my writing commented upon as a means of learning and would be happy for constructive criticism from any members.

I enjoy writing short story's and am about to finish a short piece called 'The Chatteris Ghost'.

I wrote 'Reply All' for Psyve chologies magazine.

I have writen an activity book for fathers and their children (Dad & Me, Our Journey - self publication), copies of which I have managed to sell to Local Authorities around the country. I have also had articles published in Project Manager Today magazine, NCT Magazine and on the Fatherhood Institute website in my professional role working in Early Years. My job involves delivering training in parenting skills, confidence building, anger management & therapy.
My mobile contact number (07940 734486)
I look forward to reading contributions to your site.



I am 37 years old and am a Fenland man, born in Wisbech and lived in March most of my life. I moved to Chatteris late last year.

Writing is more of a hobby for me than anything else and when I get the time to commit the time I enjoy it immensely.
My favourite authors are Bernard Cornwell, Lee Child but I will read almost anything!



My name is Simon Murrell, I am 39 and currently living just outside Wisbech. I enjoy writing as it is a form of losing myself on paper.


 *****Loren Miles*****

Hi Mike

I am also working on a book for young children and am in the process of having it illustrated, and would like to take up writing again.  It is something I used to spend every waking moment doing in my younger years but life somehow took over and it has been on the back burner for a long time.

I'm 46, the grandmother of a gorgeous 2 year old little boy and a full time receptionist - which unfortunately does not give me enough time to spend on writing.
Years ago I wrote incessantly but it has been on the back-burner for some time.
Thanks to you and your site I am starting to think about writing again.


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