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 The Princess's Heart    by    Cindy Rowe          9/2011


Once upon a time in a faraway land, lived a princess.

She was smart and popular, and she loved to draw, paint and dream.

Many a sunny day would go by, where she lay under the fluffy white clouds, dreaming of a prince that would ride over the faraway hill and fall in love with her.


He would love her like no other, and give her all her hearts desires.  He would bring with him,  her "Happily ever after".


Then one sunny day, as bright and sunny as all the others, over the hill rode a handsome prince on his noble steed.

The princess sighed. At long last, here was her prince, and he would bring her......



RIPPED PAGE..............Oh dear!  Where is the rest of the book?  Where is her "Happily ever after?"

I will tell you how the story ends.



 The prince galloped over the far away hill and across the fields, but as he got close to the princess. his horse stumbled.  down fell the prince with a mighty blow.


"It's your fault!" shouted the prince at the crying princess, and he hobbled away, back over the hill.

Tears fell like raindrops from the princess's eyes, and her heart lay broken on the ground.  A stable boy passing, heard her cries.  He rushed to her side and gently picked up each tiny piece of her broken heart.


All night he sat mending her heart, but in the fading candle light, he noticed one small piece was missing.  He searched the fields, and he searched his room, but he could not find it.  Slowly he broke off a piece of his own heart, and placed it in the hole.  The princess's heart was as good as new.  He carefully wrapped it in the richest velvet, and tied it safely with a scarlet ribbon.


The next morning, he found the princess in her field, with her hands shielding her eyes, as she watched the faraway hill for another prince.  He gave her back the mended heart and walked away.


The days rolled into years, and new princes came over that faraway hill.  Each one stumbled and fell, leaving the princess crying raindrops for tears, with her heart shattered on the ground.


Each time the stable boy would lovingly pick up the pieces and return to his room to mend it.  Each time there would be a tiny piece missing, and each time he would break of a piece of his own heart to mend the princecess's so that it was always as good as new.


One day as the princess's cries could be heard in the fields.  The stable boy knelt to collect up her broken heart once again, but this time he did not return to his room.  He turned to the princess and wiped away her tears.  In his hands he held the broken heart's pieces and he whispered to the princess,  "I can no longer return your heart as good as new.  I have no more of my heart left to replace the missing piece."


The princess turned her eyes away from the faraway hill and lookedinto the stable boys hands.  There with all the love and tenderness she had been searching for, lay her heart that had slowly been replced with his, and as she looked into his handsome face, she knew that there stood her prince, with her "Happily ever after".


And that's how it ends.



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