News for June 2013


I have decided that this site needs to be run slightly differently.  Many people that have contacted me expect there to be a membership and that they would have to pay to use the site.  Indeed, I have had people refuse to use the site because it does not have a formal membership structure.

As a direct result of this I have decided that there will be a small charge for membership, not for a profit but to help cover the cost of running the site and I am going to set this at £3 per annum pro rata from the 1st of june 2013.  That is a huge outlay of just 25 pence per calendar month payable before the 1st of a month.  eg. if a new member joins in say September, they would pay for only 9 months, a total outlay of £2.25.

All membership payments to be by cheque, enclosing your name, address email address and contact phone number to the site owner

Mike Lodge,

50 West Field Road,



PE15 0LN


Now for some exciting news :-

I have taken a stall at the Manea Gala on Saturday 13th july.

We will be able to access the site from 0800 to set up the stall and gazebo, and the event opens to the public from 1300 and usually the stalls finish about 1700.  If anybody would like to come and man the stall with me I will be very grateful.

It is my intention to have some of my books of poetry on sale and if any one would like to sell their works on the stall they would be very welcome to do so.

I intend to have some fold up chairs there as well as tea and coffee.



 February's news 2013

News of a short story competition, an informative evening about e-publishing, a book in aid of Help 4 Heros,  poems from Kay Richards, Serena Micaleff, and another from myself.


The help 4 Heros book is available from Kay Richards  mobile 07503149059 or kay8@btinternet,com


The 2013 Bristol Short Story Prize is open to all writers, UK and non-UK based, over 16 years of age.
Stories can be on any theme or subject and
entry can be made online via the website or by
post. Entries must be previously unpublished
with a maximum length of 4,000 words (There is no minimum). The
entry fee is £8 per story.
The closing date for entries is April 30th 2013.

1st £1000 plus £150 Waterstone’s gift card
2nd £700  plus £100 Waterstone’s gift card
3rd £400   plus £100 Waterstone’s gift card
17 further prizes of £100 will be presented to the writers
whose stories appear on the shortlist. All 20 shortlisted
writers will have their stories published in the Bristol Short
Story Prize Anthology Volume 6. The winning story will, also, be published
in Bristol Review of Books magazine.

The 20 shortlisted writers will be invited to an awards ceremony
in Bristol in October 2013 when the winners will be announced and the anthology launched.
Any shortlisted writers unable to attend the awards ceremony will be sent their prizes.
The awards ceremony will be part of the 2013 Bristol Festival of Literature.

Judging panel : Ali Reynolds (literary consultant, former Random House editor)  Bidisha (writer, broadcaster, critic) Anna Britten (author and  journalist)  Chris Wakling (novelist, Creative Writing tutor)

Full details and rules at


Dear Mike Lodge,

Are you looking for guest speakers for your writers’ group? If so, I would like to offer my services as an award-winning  speaker, author and publisher. In particular, I can speak to your group on the highly-topical subject of:

How To Write and Self-Publish Bestselling Books

This entertaining presentation will show your members how it is genuinely possible to write, publish and promote their own books in both eBook and print format on a tiny budget – and create their own profitable and enjoyable publishing business.

Quite simply, there has never been a better time to be a writer. The whole publishing industry has been transformed by innovations such as eBook publishing and print-on-demand technology. As a result, there is a genuine opportunity for any committed writer to make a good living – or perhaps even a fortune – from writing and publishing fiction and non-fiction books.

In the last few years, I have built my own online publishing business from scratch, and now have a successful business that generates substantial profits from a wide range of eBooks and print-on-demand products. In addition, I have successfully published my own fiction and non-fiction books, including a number of ‘how-to’ books for writers. I also have 30 years’ experience as a professional writer, author and online marketer.

As a result, I think it is fair to say that I am now an expert in the field of writing, publishing and promoting books in the fast-changing world of 2013. I would be happy to share my knowledge and ideas with your members. I guarantee a presentation packed with quality information and practical advice that your members can implement immediately to get results.

I would like the opportunity to share details of a self-publishing workshop I am planning in the near future. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact me.  You can find out more about me on my website at:

I wish you and your members all the best for 2013, and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best wishes

Rob Palmer


This will be at The Lamb Hotel in Ely on tuesday 26th february with a start time of 1930 (7.30 pm).  There will be an entry charge of £3 per person.  

                                   Everybody welcome, 

You do not have to be a contributer to the site but everybody please contact me to book your place as they are very limited.



December's news 2012 

Poor month this month, just one poem from myself but keep looking throughout the next weeks as I intend to update the travel log as well.

Has anyone been on an interesting holiday? Perhaps you would like to tell us about it, either as a travel log, or maybe in verse?

I have decided to give you all a break over Christmas and the next planned update will be the first weekend in february.


NO RESPONSE to the meet up on friday 30th november, so consider it cancelled! 

Novembers news 2012 

This month a new sci-fi short story from Jake Darke.

A longer short story from James Beresford.

There is also an autumn flavoured poem from me.

Unfortunatly there has been no feedback to the idea of a visit to the printers, so maybe another time.

Anybody fancy a meet up on friday 30th november?  We could meet at The Anchor at Wimblington which is mentioned in Jakes story.


Octobers news 2012

Yet another new contributer, Rex Merchant, a published author.  I have listed his picture and short biography in the authors section. There is also an instalment of one of his books in the novels section. Rex has asked me to remove his work from this site as he now feels he is selling well without our exposure.

Another new poem from me.

How would my contributers like to visit a printer/binders.  They have one of the fastest machines in the world and can print small runs as little as ten copies, or full size print runs of hundereds of thousands.  The visit could be done in the morning with say a pub lunch, (no pressure to drink alchohol).  I have a seven seater MPV and could do pick-ups from Ely via the villages to the works in Kings Lynn.  Charges would be for the transport and kept to the minimum.


Septembers news 2012

   This month we have a new poem from Loren Miles and one from me inspired by the disabled atheletes currently in London and I'm going to spoil you with a second poem from me about the harvest.

   As well as the above, I'm going to try to bring a tear to your eye with a true story in the short stories section.

   Below I have reproduced an edited email from a lady called Lisa Sanford which I thought might be of interest to the contributers on the site.

   Her prices do seem quite reasonable in my humble two fingered approach to typing!

I discovered your website partly by fortunate chance and partly because I was looking for local groups and businesses online. 
My initial thought was that perhaps some of your members may be inclined to consider using me as a 'tool' for having their final work sent to be published as I specialise in copy typing and editing texts.
However, the reason I said that I discovered you by fortunate chance is that it has always been a dream of mine to become a writer. Books and reading have always been my passion and I have always had an underlying storyline floating around in my mind, just waiting for the day I put pen to paper (or fingers to keys) and actually 'get it done'.
I wondered if you might either be able to forward my contact details onto any of your group members should they need assistance with proof-reading or typing up their work.
 Kind Regards 
Lisa Sanford
Please contact her direct on the email given
Another email that landed in my in tray was this one :-
Hello Writers
We thought that perhaps your members may be interested in our Writer's Weekend Workshop with Simon Whaley at Gleanings Centre, situated in the beautiful hills of South Shropshire. Three years ago we converted a double stable block into a rural study centre for Music, Art and Rural Crafts. This year has been very successful as the name of 'Gleanings' spreads around the country. Situated on our 14 acre smallholding, the surrounding countryside is both relaxing and inspiring, and put together with our home-cooked food, friendly farm animals and happy atmosphere everyone is promised a memorable time.
Simon is an inspiring and enthusiastic tutor and he will be able to show the ways to publication on this course "Writing for the Magazine Market'. You can read more about him on his website: and I have attached his workshops description together with our poster.
We would really appreciate it if you could share this information with like-minded people. It would be lovely to welcome some of you to this workshop weekend. There is space on the smallholding for caravans, camper vans or, for the hardy, tents! There are also several B&Bs in the locality.
Thank you for helping out with this information and perhaps we will meet you here soon.

Best wishes

Yvonne and John Hart
tel: 01743 891412
Gleanings Rural Study Centre


August's news 2012

A new poems from Serena Micaleff, (Olympic inspired), Loren Miles and myself (inspired by the awfull weather we have been experiencing in the UK for three months).


An Olympic inspired short story from Margaret Gumley in Australia, where they seem to take the Olympics seriously.

Here's something that turned up in the sites inbox and willing to oblige I've reprinted it here :-

Dear Sir,

                                I hope you don’t mind me approaching you. I wonder if you could possibly help please? I am the Author Augustine Nash and I live on the border of Essex. My latest E book, ‘Rose A life in the Shadows’  is now out and can be only downloaded from my website; address below. This E  book is the life story of Eileen Nearne, SOE Secret Agent during World War Two. Eileen was an undercover radio operator in France until she was arrested in Paris by the Gestapo and tortured, afterwards she was sent to do hard labour in Germany and went to several Concentration Camps. After the war she was so traumatised by her treatment that she never really recovered and kept what she had done a secret which only came out just over two years ago when she died. ‘Rose’ was her code name and she said, “My life has always been led in the shadows.’ She was a very brave woman and this book is worth a read to mark her passing with pride.

                Perhaps your members might like to support me by downloading this E book from my website, which is reasonably priced at £1 20p. Also, would you be kind enough to send out my details to those who might be interested please. A London publisher did offer me a contract for this book but it was so bad that I was advised to turn it down which was disappointing. 

                I am 75 years old and disabled from a back operation that went wrong, so am mostly housebound. Since my husband died my writing has become even more important to me. I hope you can help me in some way please. 

                Thanking you for your kind consideration, 

                                June Macbeth. [Author; Augustine Nash.]  E Mail Address;

Sounds as though it may be interesting.  A few weeks ago, I was talking to another chap at work who was telling me he had recently lost his mother, and when he and his sister were sorting out her effects, his sister showed him a note book she had found.

The notebook turned out to be his mothers pilot's log book from the last great war, and detailed all her flying activities. It turns out she was a delivery pilot taking the new aircraft from the factories to the forward bases.

My friend was surprised as his mother had never mentioned what she did in the war and they had no idea she could fly an aircraft.  I wonder how people can keep something like that a secret for over sixty years.


The next update will be the weekend 1-2nd september. 

July's news 2012

New poems from Loren Miles, Serena Micaleff and myself.

A new short story from James Bersford that has a distinct Dickensian feel to it.

I received this email and thought I would pass it on as it may turn out to be very usefull :-



The members of your writers group will undoubtedly be aware of the costs involved when purchasing Writer’s Yearbooks for submitting work to publishers.

I own a website which contains an unrivalled database of book publishers who are currently accepting submissions from authors. It isn’t just a general publishers list. Each link leads directly to the submissions page. I have around 1000 publishers worldwide covering all genres. The site doesn’t contain any self-publishing or vanity companies. It’s a genuinely open resource.

Perhaps you would consider offering this information to your members? This could either be in the form of a link on your site (which I would reciprocate if you wish), or by simply forwarding my URL in a newsletter or at a meeting. As a published author myself I know I would have appreciated a resource like this when I was looking for my first book deal.

Please have a look at my site, you can then either get back to me here or there. Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Grove


The next update will be 4/5 august 2012



June's News 2012

New poems from Cindy Rowe and myself.

Let's face it.  A short story from Margaret Gumley, our Australian contributor.

The next update will be sunday 1st july 2012


May's news 2012

Not a lot to report this month, just two new poems from Cindy Rowe and myself.

The next update will be the weekend 2-3rd june 20012



April's News 2012

New poems from Serena Micaleff, John Silkstone and myself.

Sorry for the delay in updating the site this month, Yola (the host) were doing some sort of maintainance and I along with everybody else on Yola was unable to do anything to the site last weekend.  Just to delay it even more, I went to work at 0400 monday and returned home at 1500 Good Friday!

I've entered a comment in the appropriate section


March's News 2012

Yet another two contributors. 

Margaret Gumley, and I'm hoping that she may put a new slant on writing for us as she lives in New South Wales, Australia.  Margaret has promised me she will send a photo soon.

James Beresford who hails from Great Yarmouth.

Serena Micaleff has sent a new photo and an updated biography.

New poetry from Bill Conroy.

A short story from each of our new contributors.



February's News 2012

New poems from Serena Micaleff , Bill Conroy, John Silkstone and myself.

Also a new short story from Bill Conroy.

I hope to see all of you at the open mic event on the 26th of this month, see january's news below and please let me know if you are coming.

Further info on this :- There will be a tea/coffee station in the room and it will cost approx £2.50 for two cups.

Somethings going on!  This site reported over 30 hits yesterday the 4/2/2012. Untill I upgrade to the silver package I have no idea who is looking at the site and I'm very intrigued to find out who is watching us.  Who knows, is there one or more publishers amongst our viewers?

Once again, I hope to see all of you at the open mic event and if it is a success, I may run another during the summer, if we get one this year.


News for January

In order to raise some funds for the future upgrade to the site

I will be running an open mic poetry and short story reading in The Lamb Hotel, Ely

This will be in the coach house room on sunday the 26th february 2012.

Start time will be 2pm (1400) and there will be teas and coffees available.

The cost will be £1 per attendee and all monies will go towards a future upgrade of this site.  The readings will be divided into two sessions  with a break and will finish at 5pm (1700). 

You may sell your work and published material at this event with no commision.

If you are coming from a long distance away please refer to this link   It's easy to find if you follow these instructions :-

From the junction of the A10 and A142 follow the signs to Ely city centre. At the first T-junction turn left, then at the second T-junction, (with traffic lights), the Lamb Hotel is in front of you, turn left. Next right, right through the gap and you're in the car park.

 The phone no' is 01353 663 574  Meals are available, (very popular) and 31 well appointed bedrooms including a 4 poster.

Please mention the Fenland Writers Circle when you book either a meal or a room. It means that we will get the room at the right price next time we book it!

The following is copied from the Lincoln poetry reading info I published on this site, Thanks to Paul Sutherland.

If you want to read your poetry or short fiction at this event please send me an email at this webb site.

If you have collections published or publicity information about other events please bring them along.

* There will a display table for books and publicity.

* Please tell others who might be interested in attending this event.

* I hope to see you there either as a performer or listener.

* Any questions please contact me through this web site.


December 2011 update news

Another three new contributors, Inderpal Kallah, Richard Gibbons and Paul Sutherland.

Short stories from Inderpal, John Silkstone, Marc James, Richard Gibbons, Chris Darlington and myself

Instalment 4 of the Duck Chronicals fromm  Bill Conroy

Poems from Silky, Cindy Rowe, Paul Sutherland and me.

New page of hints and tips by John Silkstone

Last meet up news. The weather was against us and only Bill Conroy and myself made it to the meet up.  It was of course nice to meet another of the contributers to the site, and that makes a total of five contributors I have met so far.

 Here is something different.  Have a read and let me know if you want to go and if you think that maybe we could do something on these lines in the future.



Dear Friends, Colleagues and Unknown Poets

Come and Join us for a Poetry

Open Mic

on Sunday, December 11th, 2pm-



£1 entry

at Pimento Cafe, 27 Steep Hill,


Lincoln, LN2 1LU

01522 544880

* If you want to read your poetry or short fiction at this event please send me an email or phone or write to    address below.
* Reading slots will be about five minutes each, longer if fewer poets turn up.
* The afternoon will be divided into 2 one hour sessions with a break of about 30 minutes to replenish coffee and tea etc.
* If you have collections published or publicity information about other events please bring them along.
* There will a display table for books and publicity.

* Please tell others who might be interested in attending this event.

* I hope to see you there either as a performer or listener.

* Any questions please contact me.


Urgent News..................

The meet up on the 19th will take place at :-


62 Silver Street



01353 663 494

I will arrive at approximatly 1830 hours (6.30pm in English)

Please note :- there is no parking at the pub, however there is a large car park less than 100 yards away.  From the BP garage on the A10 ring road, go into Ely. This road soon does a sharp right bend and hits a T junction. Turn left.  At the Esso garage on the left, turn right.  Bounce over the giant speed bumps and a car park will come up on the left.  In the opposite corner to the vehical entrance there is a footpath that exits directly in front of the Prince Albert pub.

On offer in the pub :-

up to six real ales, meals and bar snacks.

See you there. 


Novenber 2011 update news

Listen to a play from Chris Darlington at this address :-

On air for seven days only.

Yet another new contributer

Miss Rachel Godfrey introduces herself thus :-

     I am just starting out and although I have had a short travel article published I have never tried any fiction before.


Another new instalment of The Duck Chronicals from Bill Conroy with stories from Rachel Godfrey, Marc James and myself.. 

More poems from  Serena Micalef, Chris Darlington and myself.

The last meet-up was very informative and well worth while.  I was asked to arrange a meet-up for mid november and the 19th november is a good mid point in the month, and it 's a saturday.  Please let me know where the most convenient place for each of you would be.


October 2011 update news

Another new contributer

With an interesting biography, Fenland writers Circle is proud to post a poem from Chris Darlington 

There are new poems and a short story from some of our regular contributers.  I will add some more stories in the next update on the weekend 29/30th october. This will be the november update. The delay is because I have been on holiday and am having trouble copying and pasting the emails.

The meet up was attended by Cindy Rowe, Marc James and myself.  An artist/illustrator turned up as well and showed a portfolio of his work and I must admit that I was very impressed. His name is Nick Borrmann and has set up a webb site, at  http:/ I have set up a new page for illustrators to showcase their work, and have loaded some of Nick's fine examples onto it.


September 2011 update news 

The first news item this month is an apology from Mike.

A lady writer contacted me with a view to contributing and said that the site looks like it could be fun.  I however in my clumsy attempt to reply to her and welcome her to the site, err, umm, accidentaly hit the delete button.  If you read this please get in touch again and accept my apology.


Two new contributers this month

A warm Fenland welcome to Cindy Rowe.  There is a short biography in the authors section and also a poem in the poetry section, (where else?),  Cindy has also contributed a story in the childrens stories section as well.

Another warm welcome to Jake Darke who has a short biography in the authors section and a short story in the relevant section of the site.


Bill conroy has added the second installment of his story and I  have added a poem and a short story.


I have added another new section to the site for comments.  Please send your comments to   Please only encouraging and positive comments as I will filter out anything that is rude, blasphemous, libelous or downright nasty.


I am trying to fulfill requests for a meet up and am thinking friday 23rd of september 2011 in the evening.  Meet will take place in a pub where there is a quiet area that we can use, the pub sells excellent meals and a large range of non-alcoholic drinks as well.

The pub in question is the Anchor at Wimblington and if you live far away the pub does B&B and I can supply details of a good B&B in the village as well. 

The site is getting near to its storage capacity which means that I will have to upgrade to the next package which will cost about £80+ pounds.  Any suggestions as to how this could be funded would be welcome as I want to keep the site free for all the contributers to use as we are at the moment. I also want to avoid advertising, but this maybe the way to go.


A lot of writing circles set homework for the members and I am wondering if the contributers would like me to do this, or perhaps you feel that would remove your own basic ideas of what you should be writing?  Comments on this would be appreciated.



August 2011 update news

Yet another new contributer

A warm Fenland welcome to Bill Conroy  Who has a short biography in the authors section.  There is also a short article under short stories and it certainly made me chuckle!

The following is a list of sites that Trish Colton (who edits The Knights Templars site) found usefull when she started writing.

Useful websites for writers


by Trish Colton


If you Google “Writers”, you’ll find all sorts of useful sites to visit for help with the writing process.   You might also find the following useful:




The Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society.   They protect and promote the rights of authors writing in all disciplines and ensure authors receive fair payment for the various uses of their work (this is over and above Royalties – take a look at their website)


Lifetime membership of ALCS costs £25. This one-off fee ensures that you receive payment of any money that is due to you for use of your work and the payment I received in 2009 covered membership fees with enough left over to go out for a meal.  Well worth joining.    


The Society of Authors - worth joining so they can check your contract.  Publishers will tell you it’s “a bog standard” contract, but there’s no such thing.   And you can negotiate some points; SofA will advise you on which ones you should consider doing this.


If you want to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the world of books and publishing, it’s well worth signing up to The Bookseller’s free emailed newsletter.   This can be done via their website at the above address.   There’s also, but I found that less helpful.


Association of Authors’ Agents.   They list all their members so you can check their list against those who appear in the Writers & Artists Yearbook and The Writers Handbook.   You can then Google those agents which do not appear in either book, to check what sort of material they handle.


Association of Authors' Representatives, Inc. – the American equivalent of the above.   You can do a search for an agent and then look at that agent’s profile (some of which are more detailed than others).


Writers Copyright Association – lists agents and what they handle


List of members of the members of the The Publishers Association (there are links to the members’ websites).   The Publishers Association (PA) is the leading trade organisation serving book, journal and electronic publishers in the UK .


Periodical Publishers Association is one of the UK ’s largest and most effective trade associations, and is one of the leading magazine trade bodies worldwide.   The website lists its members and there are links to members’ websites.


The Association of American Publishers (AAP), representing publishers of all sizes and types located throughout the country, is the principal trade association of the U.S. book publishing industry.   It lists members.




This month, we have another new contributor, John Silkstone who is a published poet and has contributed a receipe for all the poets out there.  I have also put his biography on the Authors page.

We also have new poems from  Serena Micaleff, Loren Miles and myself.

There is also a new short story from me.

The next update should be either friday 29th july or saturday 30th july dependant on my work, so keep writing and sending if you want your writings visible to the whole world.

You never know who's reading the site!

I have had two contacts from people requesting me to pass on their request for submissions. I have posted them below so that you can read them for yourselves and have included the links so that you can contact them direct. 


Number one

The Longford Writers are running two anthologies, one for poetry and one for short stories.

The orphanage is Dimcho Debelianov Orphanage in Bulgaria and some of the work done by Berni and Dougie Leggett can be seen at the following site:" onclick=";return false;

All money raised from the anthologies will be passed on to Berni and Dougie.

All forms of poetry accepted. Short stories, any genre, not more that 2,000 words.

To keep cost down to a minimum all correspondence will be by email. Please send your submissions to
Number two
Dear Fenland Writers Circle,
We are currently looking for contributors for our project, In Common.
In Common celebrates the items, ideas and actions that people around the globe have in common.  Using stories, photographs, interactive resources and games,  In Common provides iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad users with a multimedia scrapbook that focuses on common elements in different cultures.
If you could please circulate the following information and media release, I would be very grateful. Thank you for your support and, if you have any questions, please feel welcome to contact me. 
Cheers,  Kim Bannerman



More poetry can be found on the forum of  "WWW."

Oh heck!

Mike here.  How many of you spotted the "deliberate" mistake in my short story?

I'm talking about the mis-spelled bisquit. I think that maybe I've watched to many of those Foxes adverts on the television.


Please keep the contributions coming.  The next update will probably be 2-3rd june and will include a new poem from Serena, one from Simon and one from me as well as anything else that is sent to me before hand.

So get scribbling and send any contributions as body of text, not as an attachment.

During june, I intend to start harrasing the publishing house's to look at the site to see if they like anything that has been contributed, hopefully with a view to publication.




*****New Contributer***** 

Welcome to Serena Micallef

*****Who has contributed a new poem*****

I was so pleased to find the writers circle, I have included my poem and look forward to reading other members work.


***** A new poem has been posted by  Mike *****


*****New Member*****

Welcome to Loren Miles


My daughter recommended your site to me. Good luck with the site. I think it's an excellant idea.


*****New Member*****

Welcome to Simon Murrell


My name is Simon Murrell, im 39 and currently living just outside Wisbech. I enjoy writing as it is a form of losing myself on paper.


*****New Member***** 

Welcome to Andrew

I am a bit of a closet writer, but have never submitted any work for publication.


19th feb 2011. Mike, the owner of this site has now self published his first book of poetry and it is available from him at 


*****New Member*****

Welcome to Marc James

I think it's a great idea that you came up with the idea to start this group. I consider myself an amatuer writer and am always open to have my writing commented upon as a means of learning and would be happy for constructive criticism from any members.



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