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Introduction to a play by Andrew

Forgotten people is designed as a situation comedy, depicting the life of a small Fenland Village and the characters who live in and around it.
Fenland is a remote rural area in the County of Cambridgeshire with two market towns, Wisbech and March. The story is set in a small fictitious village near to Wisbech, called two holes (there is an actual village in the area called Three Holes, no one knows why!). My imaginary village is based upon a typical village in the area and the people to be found in them, with the normal amenities and situations. The characters are not based on real people, but reflect the kind of people found in the area, which is culturally getting more and more diverse with immigration; with very funny and interesting parallels with the indigenous village folk and their every day lives. For instance every village has its characters, from the village police officer to the local vicar, and the leader of the parish council. In a small environment there are people who will always stand out and the particular character of Fenland people who are down to earth, friendly and very funny make for many areas in which a story can develop into an entertaining and amusing tale about the life of “Two Holes”.
The story is obviously character based, and only in the Fens can such a wide array of different people be found in such a small space. The arable nature of the local economy leads to high concentrations of people from eastern Europe coming to the area for work, and also there are high concentrations of people from the travelling community with numerous traveller sites around the area. I aim to explore these people (and am indeed part Romany gypsy myself) and the quirky nature of their lives with the village people who consider themselves slightly superior. I aim to delve into the culture of the Fens and reveal a bright and vivid community, which is “forgotten” by almost everyone else. No one has heard of these places and it is very much as if time has stood still for the casual observer, hence the title “forgotten People”. This leads to a whole atmosphere of surrealism, as the events and occurrences in the village are of massive importance to those within, but are almost unheard of by anyone in the outside world. Characters come and go, and there are visitors to the village as the story goes on which add variety and keep the situation from becoming stale or boring. The events within the life of Two Holes are to the casual observer not worth comment, but as seen in the story are (I hope) a cause for a lot of entertainment and laughs along the way. The beauty of this scenario is that in a typical village there are so many different avenues to explore, events that happen and an infinite number of potential laughs and stories. There are people young, old, and from different ethnic backgrounds; plenty to keep the story fresh and original.
Below is a rough outline of some of the more prevalent characters and their families with a basic synopsis of their characters and backgrounds. These are the core of the story, but more characters will be introduced and will pop in and out as I go further with each episode.
The Baxter Family - The Baxter’s are Geoff and Gracey Baxter; a middle aged couple who own a fruit farm (apples and some Gooseberries) on the outskirts of the village. They are simple folk, but have an energetic and quirky outlook on life and try to keep up with modern life in their own particular way, but somehow manage to look old fashioned and backward despite their best efforts - that said they just don’t care anyway!. They own their land from the ground up, and their house is a ram shackled farmhouse in much need of repair and attention but it is their pride and joy. They are poor. The apples grown every year are picked and sold each summer and during this time they employ three people to help, who are a mix of economic migrants from a farm camp near by and a traveller called Robert Smith (who will be outlined later). They also have a daughter, 25 year old Della Annabelle Baxter who has two young children, fathered by Smith. She and Smith are a couple but do not live together. Della is an intelligent and attractive woman who seems to be stuck in village life, but has an appetite for the wrong man and seems unlikely to ever escape. She has accepted her lot in life and dotes on her children, Mark and Lee who are five and seven respectively and go to the village school. She aims to make a better life for the both of them but does not know how.
Robert Smith - Smith is from the travelling community. He sees himself as something of a gangster, playing on the reputation of the travelling community. However he is as pathetic in his efforts as it is possible to get. No one takes him seriously, but nevertheless he manages to create bizarre and strange problems for those around him. Smith is tolerated by the Baxter’s due to his relationship with their daughter who for some reason loves him unconditionally. He treats her poorly. The boys are his, but he would rather spend his time trying to act like Al Capone than providing for them but he does deep down feel very strongly for Della but cannot bring himself to admit it.
Albert Meeke - Meeke is a single man in his early forties. He is the ‘leading light’ of the community and seems to be behind all the community events and functions that happen in the village. He is an organiser, but is also a megalomaniac and attention seeker. He likes nothing more than the thanks and adulation he receives for organising everything, and loves lording it over others. When he is not organising fetes, talent competitions or other such things he spends all his time alone plotting his next event whilst playing with his enormous collection of miniature tractors.
Rev Stephen Court - Court is the village rector, Church of England. The Church in the village is the oldest building of course, but the congregation is dwindling and the church itself is falling into disrepair. Court is a young priest, aged only 30 or so and sees himself as being very with it and understanding of modern life. He is however very sheltered and does not realise exactly what is happening under his nose, and the villagers have stopped trying to hide it anyway!. Court is not a central character, but he will feature as the story goes on.
PC Andrew Plumb - Plumb is the village policeman. He has not been a policeman very long and is extremely keen and enthusiastic. He has a fixation with SMITH and it is his aim in life to lock him up. This however never seems to happen as SMITH in his attempts to do wrong are just as awful as Plumbs attempts to catch him at it. Plumb lives in the village in a police house, which no one ever visits. There is virtually no crime in Two Holes, but Plumb is ever watchful and over reacts whenever he thinks there is something afoot with amusing consequences.

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